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According to business week, apple are preparing to launch its new tablet computer for $800, the price is causing such a stir.
They are looking to launch the product as early as october.
would you pay $800??


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The Long anticipated wait of the return of the apple man himself is over, steve is back at work.

Apparently, he will be working from home some days, as he will only be at the office few days a week.

YHP Welcomes back Jobs..

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I really do not have any complaints about this, the only two companies that i would have thought could have rivalled them would be microsoft and google and to be honest with you, i don’t think any of them deserve to be the most innovative company.

Talk about Macdonalds jumping up to 19th from 30.

Anyways check out the list

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Although he has been on medical leave since january, and has recently had a liver transplant, we are yet to have confirmation of his reason for his absence.

Steve, who survived from pancreatic cancer, hopefully he gets well soon.

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