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Very interesting, got me thinking about the safety of my personal information that are held online.
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Australia are to use two most popular social networking site in warning people about bushfires, especially resident of towns in victoria state where 173 people were killed from the devasting incident where they said they had no warning of the attack.

Victorian state premier John Brumby says social networking sites on the internet will help to improve advice to households.

“We’ll be providing more information to the community, like Twitter and Facebook – alternative means of communication to get the information out to the public,” Mr Brumby said.

“So that they’ve got better information from a variety of sources and if they need to make a judgement to go early, they will go and they will go early,” he added.

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Myspace are reportly planning to lay off 400 employees which is being estimated to be 30% of their staff.

We could see these changes coming in after the appointment of Jon Miller, the former chief executive of America Online and the dismissal of Chris DeWolfe.
I guess myspace are starting to feel the competition from other social networking sites, especially facebook

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