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TwitVid.com , lets iPhone 3GS owners post videos they’ve taken directly from the device.

Users can record a new video, or choose from an existing one in their libraries. It also features a handy upload bar to let you know how far the video has to go before it’s done. The big twist is that TwitVid’s got some technology running on its end that lets your followers start watching the clip before it’s even done uploading.

Has anyone tried it yet?

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According to the San Francisco Business times

Amazon are been rumoured to be interested in buying Netflix, after seeing their stock hit its highest level in nearly three months.

Both companies have refused to comment on the speculation.

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Digital Sky Technologies is seeking to increase its stake in Facebook Inc. through an offer to buy up to $100 million in employee stock.

According to Business Journal
The Russian firm is offering $14.77 a share, which pegs the Palo Alto-based social network’s value at $6.5 billion.

DST took a 1.96 percent stake in Facebook in May when it invested $200 million in the company. The plan to buy employee stock was announced at the time but the valuation placed on Facebook in the May investment was pegged at $10 billion.

The offer on employee stock is is based on a valuation that is also quite a bit lower than the $15 billion put on Facebook when Microsoft Corp. invested $240 million in 2007. Both Microsoft’s and DST’s original investment are in preferred shares.

“While individuals must make their own decisions about participating in this program, I’m pleased that the price DST is offering is much greater than the price originally considered last fall,” Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg said in a statement. “This is recognition of Facebook’s growth and progress towards making the world more open and connected.”

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Veteran of 20 microsoft years Steven Sinofsky president of the Windows Division, the new role will include the following: overseeing the engineering and marketing for Windows, Windows Live, Internet Explorer and core properties of the company.

Steven previously led the Windows and Windows Live Engineering Group.

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Woow, who said competition is not interesting, i am waiting this anxiously to see how this will turn?
Will Google come into the market with a bang, or just to be knocked out by microsoft..

Google is developing an operating system (OS) for personal computers, in a direct challenge to market leader Microsoft and its Windows system.

The new OS will be for personal computers, Google are basically saying” Microsoft i’m ready for war”, I Bet the Microsoft are all calling for “Bill”, will this make bill come back to work?? you never know, competition is exciting!!!

Google said netbooks with Chrome OS could be on sale by the middle of 2010.

“Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS,” it was stated in its official blog.

The operating system, which will run on an open source licence, was a “natural extension” of its Chrome browser, the firm said.

This is obviously after just months before Microsoft launches the latest version of its operating system, called Windows 7.

“We’re designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you on to the web in a few seconds,” said the blog post written by Sundar Pichai, vice-president of product management, and Google’s engineering director Linus Upson.


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