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Google co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Zeitgeist ’07.
The Geniuses behind google, enjoy the video

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How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

Evan Williams and Biz Stone of Twitter talks about twitter in this week’s issue of TIME MAGAZINE.

For the full story check the TIME WEBSITE

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Ismilewear is a London based clothing company, providing a range of casual clothing for all ages.


They said:

The clothes you wear are a form of expression, and to each who expresses himself, carry along a message. Ismilewear message is simple… Smile. After all, it takes fewer muscles to smile, and then it does to frown. Their belief in conserving energy.

How are you today?

I’m all good, just tired, but it’s all for hard work

Can you give us a bit more information about yourself?

My name is Styla; I’m 21years old studying marketing at Uni. I’m an entertainer/entrepreneur who likes to smile.

What is the concept behind your brand?

A simple positive message: smile. I’m a person who has always got a smile on his face, so I decided to make it into a way of expression, like clothing and badges.

Do you think your line is effective?

It matters how you measure effectiveness. In terms of profit and money making, it keeps me going, but that’s not why I started the line. As for pushing the image and promoting a message about smiling, it has become more and more effective. The logo is an animated version of my face, which makes it fun to push and promote.

What makes your clothing line relevant to today’s society?

It doesn’t and that’s the point. Too much negativity is advertised and praised amongst our community. Gun crime, knife crime, domestic problems, etc, is always glorified in the media. I believe it takes something as simple as a smile to change someone’s perspective on things.

What’s the most unique thing about your line, so much people doing what you’re doing, what will make me buy your designs?

The most unique thing about iSmileWear is that it’s not just an image or design, it’s an idea. When I wear one of my t-shirts to an event I’m performing at, or a party, if I see someone who looks uneasy, I tend to point to the word ‘Smile’ on my top, and they react in kind. It becomes a positing icebreaker. A lot of people have got into clothing lines for the ‘buzz’ of having a clothing line, without thinking ‘what does this mean to whoever is wearing it?’ or ‘how does this express me?’ Realistically, not everyone feels like wearing a top with a big smile on it, but the target market for iSmileWear may appreciate a top with a difference in its message, not one of self praise, or negativity, but of positivity.


Have you done any shows, how have they been? They cost, the planning, did you have a budget, and did you go over your budget?

As iSmileWear, I’ve been involved with several shows and events, including are Bare Jokes, V.I.P. Room, Dress In White and more, and they seem to go very well. I try not to stick to the stigma of having a clothing line only allowed to be in a fashion show, so iSmileWear has liaised with several companies that do raves, youth events, magazine launches, music videos and more. As for money and budget, there’s always one involved depending on the show I’m involved in either helping run, or making from scratch.

How did you raise money for your business?

Hard working and hard grafting (and a touch of the student loan, I’m not going to lie).

Did you get any buyers at your shows?

Yes, but I usually do a few giveaways at shows.

Who are your competitors? (Customer profile)

I don’t like to say competitors, it seems like it’s a battle of the fashion lines. I’ve seen many similar companies work together to get things accomplished. iSmileWear & Fourtees have often worked together behind the scenes to aid each other. iSmileWear & ‘Where’s Your Chick?’ are part of the same entertainment company and are always pushing each other’s lines. Upshot, Benjart, Yipe, Pandemonium, all have their target market, which may coincide with one another’s, but with clothes, I’ve learned that once someone has bought a top from one shop, there is nothing stopping them from buying from another.

Who are your target markets?


Age: 10 – 32year olds, tradition & contemporary casual clothing style… I really am trying to avoid using the word ‘Urban’

What are your advertising strategies? (Do you use any social networking sites to promote your brand)?

iSmileWear has its own website (http://www.ismilewear.com), but also use social networks such as Facebook, Fashion Space, Blogspot and more. Also, at events run by MiddleGround Entertainment, iSmileWear is promoted. Magazine & online interviews are always a good way of promoting the product.

What does your range consist of?

T-shirts, Hoodies, Polo shirts, Jumpers, Denim Shorts (ladies), Vest, Jackets… Badges… I hope to look into more as time progresses.

What fabrics do you mostly deal with?

Cottons, Suede, Synthetics, Depends on the design I guess…

How did you make your profit, did you lose more than you made?

I don’t like to talk figures, but let’s say I do alright.

Describe your collection in ten words?

iSmileWear’s message is simple… Smile… & look good doing it.

Do you make your collection to season?

Yes, but I do throw in a few exclusives mid season if I feel best fit.

How do you get your primary research e.g. in the streets, internet, books, magazines?

Looking up on the internet what is around, and what is missing… Asking others of what they think, questionnaires do work… The most simple of them all is to open your eyes, watch what everyone is wearing right now, even analyse what you yourself wear… break it down, and you’ll start to see the pattern and psychology of what you wear and why… as opposed to the simple answer of ‘I like the top, so I bought it.’

Do you try to incorporate your customer’s personality to your clothing line?

In a way, yes. As I said before, the logo is an animated version of my smile, so I would say it’s more my personality incorporated into the logo of the clothing line. But fashion is a form of expression in itself, and rather than clothes making a person’s personality shine, their personality stands out in the way a person wears their clothes.

What is your mission statement? (What are your sayings that motivate you)?

iSmile Where Ever You Go…… No Pain, No Gain….. Keep It Moving…. I don’t think there is a particular few.

Did you ever thing to turn out to be as popular as it is?


Am I popular? I don’t really see it from the customer’s perspective on how popular iSmileWear is; I’m too busy working to get the products out to them. I think hard work and serious grafting is how you get whatever you want to succeed, to succeed. I never doubted iSmileWear would do as well as it has been doing, or else I should not have put so much time into it. I’m just happy to see it get to where it is.

Do you have any favourite business related books that you can recommend to other entrepreneurs?

Principals of Marketing. It was a book I read at university which gave me the fundamentals of how to package, advertise and sell my products.

What advice would you give to a Young Entrepreneur starting their first business today?

Research, plan and be patient… do not rush a good thing. It will succeed in time if the right amount of prep has gone into it. I spent about 7months doing the preparation work for iSmileWear because it required that amount of time in my eyes. Plan everything out properly, and also be open to advice from others.

Who are your favourite young entrepreneurs at this moment?

Ronald Cummings-John, a friend of mine and a great business minded character…
TMagic, a young individual involved in fashion, successful too…
Edwin Asamoah of J-Nissi Wear, a close friend of mine who has taken Christian Fashion way beyond a basic level…

What was the most important lesson you have learnt so far?

Work Hard, believe In Yourself, and Be Yourself/Original

Who is your role model/influence?

My mother, a marketing guru and as harsh/blunt as I need someone to be… I run anything through her, and she’ll make sure I’ve had all my bases covered…

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

I count all of the achievements great, none greater than the other. Offers to liase with companies, Middlesex University Support, RWD Magazine advertisement & article, Catch 22 advertisement, Gkidmusic.com interview, the list goes on….

So what’s next for Ismilewear?

Since being attached to MiddleGround Entertainment, there are so many projects in the line that I can’t discuss, but defiantly watch this space… on the clothing side of things, new range in 4weeks, keep your eyes peeled.


Till next time

Thanks for your time.

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Hidden potential Interviews the founders of fresh2defclothing


F2D is influenced by our city, surroundings and the music we listen to. Their culture and way of life is the brand translated into raw material.

How are all doing today?
Fine thanks. You?

I’m ok you know, Thanks for asking.

So what’s the concept behind your brand?

We are an urban street fashion brand influenced by urban music and vibrant colours. We grew up listening to 80’s and 90’s music across several genres. Our brands outlook is influenced by that.

Can you give us more information about yourself, your name, your age, where are you from?

My name is Daniel Gardiner I am 28 and I’m from Birmingham.
My names Gary Thompson, I am 27 and also from brum.
And Marcus Isaac, I’m 29 form brum.

How did you all meet each other? A lot is been said of friends doing business together? What do you feel about this?

We have all known each other since the age of 4. We grew up in the same inner city area in brum and have been very close friends ever since. Any problems we might have in the future we are all men enough to sit down and discuss them like gentlemen. But we have a good working relationship and agree on most things anyway.

Do you think your line is effective?

It has been so far. We sold out in matter of weeks with both our men’s and women’s lines so, yes so far so good!

What makes your clothing line relevant to today’s society?

Our brand is colourful, vibrant and in your face. It’s also a bit rebellious. We think today’s youth is a bit like that. Along with the cities we live being very multi- cultural. Our brand is universal and appeals to all backgrounds. Also today’s society is into all things urban and retro. That’s what our brand is.

What’s the most unique thing about your line, so much people doing what you’re doing, what will make me buy your designs?

The main thing for us is that we hand draw all our designs from scratch before they are digitised for printing. A lot of brands in our market don’t do that. So it makes buying an F2D garment feel more personal as you know you are wearing a piece of hand drawn art. And we think our designs are different to what others are doing at the moment.

Have you done any shows, how have they been? The cost, the planning, did you have a budget, and did you go over your budget?

We have not done any shows as of yet, but a fashion show in brum called stylin the runway (stylintherunway.com), I think that’s the web address!) will be showcasing our brand this month.

How did you raise money for your business?

We all put together from our savings. We don’t do loans and have not had any funding at all.


Who are your competitors? (Customer profile)

We don’t know really. Maybe other UK brands like abuze ldn and dark n cold and money. But we love and support all those and any other UK clothing lines.

Who are your target markets?

Anyone that likes our clothes mate!
But we’d have to say males and females from teens to about 30 years old, Into music like hip hop, indie, RnB, old skool hip hop, grime, funky house an all that kinda stuff.

What is your advertising strategy? (Do you use any social networking sites to promote your brand)?

We use MySpace, fashionspace, facebook, and have a website. And they have all worked wonders for us so far. And Daniel has just started a blog, http://www.fresh2defclothing.blogspot.com

What does your range consist of?

At the moment, tee’s, hoodies, crew neck sweaters, varsity jackets and vests. But we are currently looking into jeans and hats.

What fabrics do you mostly deal with?

Mainly cotton, but we also use some wool and leather on our jackets.

How did you make your profit, did you lose more than you made?

We have never lost any money as we started out with small quantities and stuck to our asking prices. This helped us to always make profit and help keep us going to get where we are now.

Describe your collection in ten words?

Fresh, funky, young and retro. A break from the norm.

Do you make your collection to season?

Yes and no! As we do bring out lines to season but we also bring out fresh designs whenever we feel like it. That’s the rebel in us!

How do you get your primary research?

E.g. in the streets, internet, books, magazines.
Mainly in the streets. Our peeps are very fussy dressers and like to look good at all times. From they liked our brand we knew most people would. But we also read relevant mags and websites to keep up to date with what’s going on

Do you try to incorporate your customer’s personality to your clothing line?

Our brand is young, independent and new age. It’s also colourful and knows no boundaries.
We feel the same applies to the type of customer that our brand attracts.


What is your mission statement? (What are your sayings that motivate you)?

It’s not a statement; it’s a word, FRESH. We try to always keep everything we do fresh. That word has helped us to always look at what we are doing and make sure it is something new that people will look at as being fresh.

What was the most important lesson you have learnt so far?

To make sure you choose the right people to work with in terms of the work you outsource to companies. And to make sure you don’t run out of stock to make sure you meet the demand of the customers

Who is your role model/influence?

No one really bro. but we love all street fashion brands

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Selling out of all our stock in a month. And securing two shops in brum to take our brand

What are your advices for Aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to break in the
Online Business (Websites) or other industries?

Make sure you come up with something new that people will like or need. And never give up if your idea makes sense. If someone closes a door on you then go round the back door and get in through there, so basically never give up.

We will definitely catch up with you to give everyone an update on your company.

Thank you for your time.

I wish you the best in the future.

Thank you and till next time.

Contact Fresh2defclothing:

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Teddy Bear Club

On Today Interview on “Your Hidden Potential”, I have been Privileged enough to interview the Founders of the Fast growing clothing line, Known as “The Teddy Bear Club”.
As they say on their facebook page,

The line is a new funky, soft, retro…. No scrap that it is what you make it, colourful designs made to suit every individual!!

I think I need to get myself one of them jumpers as soon as possible, I’m jealous that I still haven’t got one.

I’m not just saying it because I am interviewing you guys, but the sky is your limit, and you guys have got some unique brand right here and I believe it’s staying.
I just want you guys to know that you both are an huge influence to young and aspiring entrepreneurs out there, and I want you to keep doing your thing.
Anyways enough of the Chit-Chat, let’s jump straight into it.

How are you both today?
Very well, just been working on the designs for our official launch, due later this year

You need to understand that i’m a very big fan of your clothing line and I have been following it for quite a while now, and I have to say that for a long time, I haven’t seen such a unique brand as this before. I think it is simple, elegant, and classy with the simple touch of youth?

We appreciate the love, everyone have been good to us and we are working hard every day to bring in new ideas and still stay loyal to our self and the people that have supported our simplicity, my Dad always says that simplicity is genius, and that has stuck with me ever since, I personally studied graphics design (Yomi) and as a designer we are taught to keep our designs easy on the eye, there’s a word that my lecturer used to use all the time when he didn’t like something “that’s visually busy, change it” so to avoid him saying that about my work, I tried to make everything simple, but effective

Before we proceed – can you give us a little background information about yourself – your names? Where you live? How old you are?

Name: Yomi Akosile
Age: 23
Location: East London
Background: Graduated 2007 in Graphics Design & Photography, was working freelance for about a year, then God inspired the TBC design, and now working part – time on the clothing line, also working full time for a management company, Starmix Management, check us out @ http://www.starmixmgt.com, that’s our family there, we organise events and also running a record company, check out the site, but yeah i design all the flyers, logos and anything that we need for our events or our artist, also in charge of the music department, finding new talents etc, and also play football for Newham united, so my weeks are very packed lol

Name: Akin Cole
Age: 23
Location: East London
Background: Graduated 2008 in Business studies, working for Starmix Management as the P.R and also organising different event

When did you start?

Akin rang me about 2 years ago and said, since you do graphics and i do business, i think we should start our own clothing line, we are practically family so i didn’t give it a second thought, we played about with different designs, playing with words, just doing lots of research, different ideas and designs was coming through, but something didn’t click

Then in October 2007 i broke my ankle playing football for my team and was in hospital for 9 days, Akin bought me a sketch pad and pencil and told me to see what i can come up with, but i was more worried about my operation than anything else, to God be the glory the operation went well and i was dis-charged, over the Christmas period i wanted to treat myself, so i got myself a new laptop and started designing and one day i was looking at a teddy bear that a female friend got and decided to try and use that concept to design a logo that everyone can relate to, and since everyone had a teddy bear growing it, that was the click that we was looking for, loaded the logo on to myspace, the comments just kept on rushing in and we decided to print them on a tee, took a few pics in my studio and loaded it up online, and next thing you know people started placing their orders, and this was the black & white logo, then we started adding colours to it, and people started asking to get their bear personalised, and it just blew from there, the amount of people wearing our design is wonderful, and i am like a lil kid when i see someone with the top on, because out of my adversity came a beautiful design that everyone can relate to, and to see the support we are getting, just makes all the hard work pay off

What I want to know is what inspired you to start this business, not to mention the amount of clothing line out there today? Wasn’t there a bit of pressure to succeed?

In everything you do in life you have to believe in your product, we knew that there was nothing like this in the uk and all the other clothing lines out there only played with words, but we had graphics and colour, and that was the prime time when everyone was into their funky colours, and our generation actually take more care about their appearance, we both like to look good and every time you see us, we are always on point, and as you can see that shows in our design.

And the main thing that kept us going was the amount of people messaging us asking how to join the club, and pressure is a useful tool if used in the appropriate way, we didn’t have no pressure because we felt like we had a league of our own

How confident where you when you started, did you think the brand will get so popular so fast?
We know it was going to blow, but the rate in which it did was a surprise; we talk about it all the time and feel very blessed to be in the position and have this opportunity to make a difference in the fashion world

You know what let’s go back into the past a little bit, How did both of you meet each other, even then start a company together?

LOL!! We met in secondary school (Royal Docks Community School) Akin came and sat next to me in year 7 and said, Yomi what’s going on, and i am thinking how did this boy know my name lol, but we are both easy going people and that’s why we have worked so well together and people think that we are family because of how close we are, and we both see each other as family and we are there for each other no matter what, a partnership made from heaven lol

How did the name TBC comes about, who formed the name?

(Yomi) After the logo was designed, i was thinking of a name to match and thought that if we call it with something to do with a group, people will be more interesting in asking about it, and i saw the Chris Browns breakfast club thing, so i decided to call it The Teddy Bear Club, and it got people asking what this club was all about, and the more they ask, the more people knew about the range and the more interest we got and people started calling it TBC and we just decided to go with that as well
Teddy Bear Club

I heard friends should not do business together; more or less young adults how do both of you cope?
Like we both stated before, we both came from a hard working background, and loyalty is a big part of our culture (Nigeria) like i said before, we are like brothers and our personality is different which makes it work because we never clash over anything, we both have the same goal and if we ever fall out, our family will get us talking again, so i don’t think there’s any way of us falling out, unless he sleeps with my wife lol.

Young adults can work together, only if success and not money that drives them

How are you coping with the popularity at this moment? Hope you are not encountering too much Paparazzi?

LOOOL, we wish
The popularity is good for the growth of the clothing line and everywhere we go, we get mad love, facebook has done a lot for us and i am surprised about the amount of people that knows about the clothing line, but i wouldn’t mind the paps following me around for a day tho, as long as i got my TBC top on, then i am blessed lol

So have you got any up-coming events and shows that you’re organising or par-taking in, so consumers are able to follow you?

We are currently working on our launch party, set for summer 09, just getting all our collections done, for example Jeans, Polo, Shorts etc
But they can join the group on facebook, type in the group search : The Teddy Bear Club and join the group where we send regular updates about what we are getting up to.

How can people get in touch with you, most importantly, how can they purchase their own pair of TBC.

We have got a temporary shopping cart running, and that can be found @ http://www.TBCClothing.com or you can e-mail us: teddybc2008@aol.com or info@tbcclothing.com

So at the moment, what you do is just hoodies and shirts right? Are you going to diverse into other designs?

Yes, we are very excited about the collection we have got coming out and that’s going to take us to another level, that’s why you haven’t seen us at no fashion shows because we don’t feel like we have got a collection with just Tee’s, Sweats and Hoody, but with Jeans, Dresses, shorts, Varsity Jackets, Fitted caps, shirts etc coming out, if you love the range we have got out now, you are going to fall in love with our range

I mean it must be intense, you guys must be really busy, and how do you do it?

We both work for the same company, which makes it easier for us to get things done, we both ask for different days off to get what we need doing, and we are getting managed by Starmix that we both work for, so things run really smooth and very professional, its not easy and our social life has gone down the drain, hard work pays off and we know where we are going.
We both go gym twice a week, Akin is my personal trainer and that gives us time to release the stress and talk about our plans for the future

Have you encountered any setbacks or negative experience so far and how did you cope with it?
If you’re not doing something Wright, no one talks about you, and you get negative vibe with everything that you do, us black people find it hard to support each other which is a shame, that’s why we don’t grow as a group because there’s no trust or support, we had a few people bad mouthing our design when things started picking up, and the same people are now wearing our clothes lol, sometimes you just have to ignore any bad vibe you get and prove them wrong, now when i see them i just laugh

What do you do in your spare time? When you’re not in the TBC site?
Pro evolution soccer is an addiction, and we are both Christians so we go to church every Sunday, also play power league football during the week, and Yomi plays for his team on Saturday
I do freelance graphics design and photography (Yomi)

Who are your Role Models/ Influences?

(Yomi) 2pac, and when i say Pac i am not talking about all his gangster west coast thing he was hiding behind, the real Pac, the intelligent Pac, if you read more about his early life you will understand how brilliant this guy is
Kanye West, Nas, Will Smith – Just people that have achieve something out of nothing and still stayed true, Pac drifted abit but he was still a big role model in my life
I can say that music is my main influence because that’s all gets me through any situation in my life
(Akin) My mum really, she taught me the value of life and money from an early age and i have taken that into the business world
Music plays a big part in my life aswell

What are the most important lessons you have learnt so far?

Friendship, and to treat people how you want to be treated and our people skills have improved alot
What has been the best advices you both been given so far?
Don’t think about money, that will always come after the work is done

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

JLS wearing out tee on the X-Factor finals, that was one of the proudest days for our business, and we hope there’s still more to come

What are your advices for Aspiring young entrepreneurs looking to break in the clothing industries or other industries?

Take time to study the market that you are going into, it took us 2 years to come out, you might that’s too long, but look how long we set to be out for, the quicker you rush into things, the quicker people forget about your product

So what’s next for TBC?
The Launch party, get TBC known worldwide and hopefully by this time next year you will see our range in shops all across the UK (Choice, Topshop, Size etc)

So finally, before I leave you both, I need to ask for your secret, come on, why have you been so successful, what’s your secret weapon?

Just having fun with what we do, what i always ask anyone that asks for advice, if they will buy for their own product if it wasn’t them doing it, would they pay for it? If the real answer is yes, then you’re on your way, we are fans of our own product, that’s why we are putting so much time and effort into it.
Our secret weapon is God, with his all things are possible

Thank you very much for your time today, I wish you the Very best in the upcoming future, hopefully on the TV with other top clothing lines in the world.
We would like to thank you for the interest in our clothing, and taking the time to set all this up, which you all the best in the future and God Bless

Yomi Akosile
Akin Cole
C.E.O TBC Clothing

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